Our Motto

Your satisfaction is our success


Weaved on big looms, woven fabrics are produced of many threads, woven on a warp and a weft. Our focus is to produce high-quality woven fabric utilizing the finest quality of yarns. Our manufacturing capability allows use to produce woven fabrics in different widths depending on the end use.
Our Woven Fabric product line consists of the following types of fabrics:

1. Plain Fabrics
2. Twill Fabrics
3. Drill Fabrics
4. Ripstop Fabrics
5. Flannel Fabrics

The technical specifications of the fabrics, such as the width, GSM, reed pick and yarn count, are decided as per the buyer’s requirements.


A material with inter-laced loops is called knit. It differs from other textile products, as it is usually composed by a criss-crop of warp yarns and by weft yarns. Because it is constituted of a single rolled up thread by curling on itself, it becomes more flexible and can be more readily constructed into smaller pieces.
Our manufacturing is focused on the following types of knitted fabrics:

1. Single Jersey Fabric
2. Interlock Fabrics
3. Fleece Fabrics
4. French Terry Fabrics